Our Story

30 Years of Roasting Coffee

Founded in 2013, Kuxtal Coffee and Tea developed from a passion about bringing people the best coffee and tea experience possible, fueled by a desire to give back to the community.

It all started with their family farm located in the beautiful valley of Antigua, Guatemala. The farm, Finca San Miguel Urias, has been in the family for nearly 200 years, and is one of only 34 farms certified by the Antigua Coffee Producers Association (ACAP) as producing true Antiqua coffee.

What makes the farm’s coffee beans special is the high elevation, along with the volcanic soil, perfectly timed rainfall, and century’s old practice of shade growing. They harvest only the beans that are ready, rinse them in pure spring water from the mountains, and then dry them in the sun. The entire process takes place on the farm so the beans experience less travel time, and, as a result, are fresher. It also makes for a more sustainable process, and a better work environment for the farmers because rather than moving from location to location, they have one place where they can complete their work day. After harvesting and processing, the beans are shipped directly from the farm to Kuxtal, which is located in the scenic Texas Hill Country.

What makes Kuxtal’s coffee special is the process. Because the harvesting, processing, and shipping all take place at the farm, the unroasted coffee beans go through far less travel time. Once received, the beans are roasted by hand in small batches, oftentimes to order. All of this comes together to give you an exceptionally smooth cup of coffee, loaded with flavors of the land from which it came.

During their travels to the family farm, the Kuxtal founders learned more about other Guatemalan farms, and what they were producing. Soon, they began adding new products to the mix. Kuxtal now offers a variety of antioxidant-rich teas, as well as cacao coffee, raw nibs, and body products. Check out the Kuxtal Ceremonial Criollo and Kuxtal Coffee videos on this page.

Kuxtal’s mission is to supply customers with the best, unique and exotic products, while helping to improve the quality of life for the hardworking farmers. The farm to cup journey is one for all to enjoy!